A Texas mayor is taking aim at parents after at least one student was heard on a video using the N-word – just months after teens from the same school were caught on camera chanting the racial slur.

Southlake Mayor Laura Hill wrote an extensive Facebook post Wednesday after a video depicting at least one student from Carroll Independent School District repeatedly using the racial epithet started circulating on social media earlier in the day.

“I am at a loss for words, at least words that are becoming [of] a mayor,” Hill wrote. “I will not allow this to become a beat down on Southlake again, but I am going to say, parents we had better wake the heck up. Every time a child does something ignorant or just plain bad we demand to know what the district is going to do and what will the punishment be.”

Hill called on parents to stop blaming district officials, or looking to them to help fix the problem.

“This ugly thinking can’t be ‘fixed’ by some magical punishment from Carroll ISD,” Hill wrote. “Parents, at some point we need to be as hard on ourselves as we are on them. We [cannot] expect the school district to raise our kids, teach them morals, ethics, common decency and on top of that academics.”

Hill said the issue impacted students of all backgrounds, regardless of economic class, saying both ends of the spectrum are “perfectly capable of raising an entitled child” who thinks that they can say whatever they want without repercussions.

“I have been overwhelmed by the people who have stepped up to be part of good, but we must demand the buy-in from everyone in our circles,” Hill’s post continued. “Parents have the power we need to use it.”

A spokeswoman for Carroll Independent School District told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that officials learned of the new video late Tuesday.

“We are sad,” spokeswoman Julie Thannum said. “We are angry this has happened again.”

The 19-second clip — which was apparently taken inside a moving vehicle — appears to show three young people, including one teen seen in the video and an off-camera driver who have been identified as students in the district, the newspaper reports.

“Oh my God, yes, I can say n—-r more,” a female voice is heard saying on the footage, which was obtained by the Star-Telegram.

One alumni of Carroll High School who asked not to be identified told the newspaper that he wasn’t surprised by the disturbing footage.

“There are social consequences growing up in a social space of people who look just like you,” he told the newspaper, adding that he had only one black teacher in his 13 years as a student in the district.

The troubling clip surfaced just months after several students were disciplined after being caught on video chanting racial epithets in October, KDFW reports.

District officials, meanwhile, said in a statement that they’re “acting swiftly and consistently” to discipline the students in the video.

“Although an apology was posted by the student seen most prominently in the video, it does not undo the harm and hurt felt when racial slurs are used,” the statement read. “This type of speech will always be unacceptable and quite frankly, makes us angry and sad.